EverWith Jewellery  

Here at EverWith, we believe that everyone should be able to have someone they love with them, even when they have passed on. It was our dream to make this a reality, and so, our company EverWith was born. Our passion and dedication have seen our idea grow, and now we are proud to be the largest memorial jewellery company in the UK.

We specialise in creating beautiful bespoke keepsakes in memory of special people who are no longer with us. To do this, we carefully and respectfully combine a tiny amount of cremation ashes into a special resin that is set into a unique piece of jewellery. We aim to create timeless, sentimental tributes that will be treasured forever.

We know how incredibly special each piece of jewellery is, and our expert jewellers create every item with much love, care, and dignity. Additionally, we incorporate thoughtful details and personal touches into the packaging and presentation of every piece. We aim to deliver an efficient, personalised, and caring service to all of our clients and to create amazing keepsake gifts that they will cherish always and wear with love and pride.