At Joseph Richmond & Son we offer a huge range of memorial headstones to suit every taste and budget. From modest, simple and elegant memorials to ornate, beautiful designs we guarantee to be able to produce something to suit every taste and budget. Contact us for a free brochure or for the widest selection call into one of our well stocked showrooms where you can see a display of over 30 memorials of different sizes and materials and collect further free brochures which we are unable to post.

Please remember when you are considering these memorials that we can alter any of the designs to your preference for example; you may like the size and shape of one memorial but not the colour, that's fine - we can make the memorial of your choice in any colour, in any size, just ask!

All of the memorials are priced on request to ensure we can give you the most competitive price possible. Please contact us with your requirements at your nearest showroom or using the contact form, email or via private message on social media and we will be pleased to help.

The memorials in this section are suitable for installation in most local authority cemeteries but please contact us for specific guidance on the regulations relating to your particular burial ground. Cremation plots in particular can have very strict regulations relating to size. Please let us know if you are looking for a memorial for cremation or burial when you contact us.


  • Recent Work
    Just some of our recently completed work, Please note some inscriptions may have been digitally removed for advertising.
  • Lawn Headstones
  • Bespoke

    At Joseph Richmond & Son we pride ourselves on our ability to produce unique memorials and we have previously been awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the Memorial Awareness board's annual 'unique memorial design competition' so we like to think we know a thing or two about designing special memorials!

    While a memorial from our wide range of standard lawn memorials with a small alteration here or there (such as size or colour) will suit most people, for some only something designed from the ground up especially for them will do. You may have an idea for a design based on your loved one's hobbies or interests which you would like us to develop into a memorial for you, or you might want us to design a unique memorial for you from scratch - the choice is yours and our expertise is at your disposal. Simply call into one of our branches for an informal chat about your requirements.

    At one of our showrooms one of our experienced team members will discuss the various options available to you taking into account the specific regulations relating to your cemetery, we can then begin to produce unique 3D computer generated scale images to show you exactly what your finished memorial could look like. This is something very few memorial masonry firms can offer. If you like the design we will give you a competitive price for the memorial based on the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. See the case studies below to see how we have helped other families to realise their visions in stone.

  • Angels
  • Books & Scrolls
  • Hearts
  • Side By Side
    These memorials consist of two headstones that fit onto one base so that inscriptions can be split in a similar way to book memorials
  • Sport & Hobbies
  • Crosses & Religious
  • Kerbsets

    At Joseph Richmond and Son we are proud to say that we specialise in memorials with kerb surrounds. We firmly believe that the quality of our materials, design and installation are second to non. We can design a kerb surround to suit an exiting memorial you may already own or to complement a new memorial of your choice. The designs shown here are intended to give you some idea of the various types of surround we can make but if you do not see something you like then please contact us and we will be pleased to help. Please remember that all of the designs you see are available in any colour or finish to suit your exact requirements.

  • Child & Baby Memorials

    Choosing a memorial to commemorate a young life can be very difficult. At Joseph Richmond & Son we understand that you may wish to take the whole process very slowly and one of our caring family members will gently guide you through the process of selecting a suitable memorial at a pace you are comfortable with.


    We have a range of memorials specifically designed for children and we also offer our free bespoke design service if you would like to explore having a unique memorial made. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and you will find us more than willing to help.

  • Churchyard
  • Belle Lapidi

    Belle Lapidi is a new luxurious brand of memorial.  Our products are only available through Registered Distributors, Joseph Richmond & Son Memorials is the only registered distributor in Newcastle upon Tyne

    All of the memorials from Belle Lapidi are created by bringing together the worlds very best granites with some of the industries finest artists and craftsmen.  The idea begins as a seed of inspiration in the sculptors heart and the artistic process is only completed when the initial hand drawings are painstakingly carved into stone.

    Every Belle Lapidi monument is individual and unique in its own right.  Our memorials will provide you with the perfect tribute for your cherished loved ones.

    It is natural to want to honour and remember your loved one with something tangible, beautiful and permanent.  People close to you are irreplaceable and the memorials you finally choose should celebrate these extraordinary lives.

    Never before has there been a brand of memorial that includes its own seal of authentication stamped onto each and every monument.  This is our guarantee that you are receiving a genuine Belle Lapidi memorial.

    As well as the seal of authentication being on every memorial you also receive an Authenticity package once the memorial is fixed in the cemetery.  This package consists of a handy sized cleaning kit which can be used to maintain the headstone, a glass rose and vase which is designed to act as a keepsake and inspire fond memories of your loved one.  You will also be sent an Authenticity Certificate, which certifies that the memorial you have purchased is a genuine Belle Lapidi product.

  • Vases & Plaques

    In certain situations (such as some cremation sections) a full size memorial may not be suitable either because cemetery regulations will not allow for a larger memorial or it may simply be a matter of personal preference. Either way we offer a range of smaller Vase, Tablet vase (miniature headstones with a maximum size of 18" x 18") and plaque memorials to suit most situations. Please remember that most designs are available in a range of different colours, materials and finishes so please contact us if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for.

    We also offer a wide range of vases, statues, crosses and other decorative items such as lanterns and candle boxes in a range of finishes to complement a larger memorial.

    Please browse our site and contact us for prices.

  • Artwork

    Memorial Artwork from Joseph Richmond & Son Memorials

    This page gives you some idea of how our skilled Artists can enhance your chosen memorial with artwork to represent a specific hobby, interest or aspect of your loved one's life.

    Artwork is sand blasted and etched first, then hand painted. These artist produced designs can be used to great effect on even the simplest of memorials. The design is permanent, however please note the painted finish will deteriorate over time and you should take this into account when making your decision.